No Retort Needed

In many scientific fields of study, the facts ring truer than true. In psychology, that is rarely the case. We know so little about the brain that essentially any theory can have a counter argument. Kim Todd, author of Curious, was aware of this obstacle, and instead of addressing every counter, she simply has her readers … More No Retort Needed

For Science or for Kicks

The seventies were a weird time for all, including ethical regulations. A research project should be enjoyable because you are intrigued by your topic and excited about the results not because it’s a cool unique experience that you are just enjoying. Unfortunately, the directors of the “Nim” experiment (named after the monkey on which the research … More For Science or for Kicks

A Glimmer of Light

Science always tries to sell something. In fact science runs in a parallel fashion to business. When everyone is selling the same thing, you need something to make your product stand out. The grand majority of the general public, a very large source of potential revenue, would not choose to read a scientific article. If … More A Glimmer of Light

Mousey Business

We were given 2 articles on the use on of mice in the scientific field to read for discussion this week. Both sites (“Why Mouse Genetics” and “Mice and Rats in Research”  both linked below) are fact heavy with a light taste of the authors on personal stand on the subject, being the use of … More Mousey Business

An analysis of the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS)

9/1/16 We were required to look over this website so that we could talk about it in class, and our discussion really impressed me. A lot of unique thoughts were shared, so I will be giving my interpretation of our discussion from Wednesday. This website is a non-profit charity time organization looking to perpetuate this ever … More An analysis of the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS)